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Thornbridge Hall, Peak District

Thornbridge Hall, tucked away in the Peak District National Park, is a genuine treasure for anyone looking to immerse themselves in nature’s splendor. The gardens at Thornbridge are nothing short of magical, with paths winding through vibrant displays of flowers and manicured greenery that contrast beautifully with the wilder, rugged landscapes of the Peak District. Continue reading

Buddy’s Smokehouse and Bar-B-Q Joint, Matlock

In 2022 a fantastic new restaurant opened on Dale Road in Matlock, Derbyshire.

The restaurant was opened by Sheffield born 2020 Masterchef semi-finalist, Luke Rhodes.

Be warned, if you’re a vegetarian this restaurant probably isn’t for you as the restaurant claims to sell meat (beef, chicken and pork) with no apologies.

Being a smoke house the menu consists of dishes that might be found more commonly as street food in America or on an American BBQ.  You will find sections on the menu such as “Pit Trays”, “Pit Cobs”, “Dirty Dogs” as well as burgers and fried chicken, with prices ranging from around £15 – £30/dish.

Expect large portions, a good selection of beer and wine, a well thought out decor and a great atmosphere.


What about turning your visit to Buddy’s Smokehouse a memorable weekend and stay in one of luxury self catering holiday cottages near Matlock Derbyshire.

Our Derbyshire self catering holiday cottages are located in Darley Dale, 2.9 miles or 8 minutes drive from Buddy’s, where there is a car park located behind the building called the “Olde Englishe Car Park”, post code DE4 3SX.

Or you could opt to jump on the bus, which will drop you right outside the restaurant.  There a selection of buses available including 6.1 and TP3, with some running late into the evening.

If you’ve got a big party you might choose to stay in The Escape, which is on our sister website at Derbyshire Holiday Homes.  The Escape is a large cottage in Derbyshire with hot tub and games room.  It has room for 10+.

We have another large cottage available on this website, known as The Haven.  The Haven is a self catering holiday cottage in Derbyshire and also has a hot tub and games room.  It also has an electric car charging point as do all our properties.

Othewise if you are thinking of a romantic weekend break away in Derbyshire, then you could choose our one bedroom cottage known as Brookside Retreat, or if you need two rooms (sleeps 3) then why not opt for Two Owls Lodge, a luxury two bedroom cottage in the Peak District located in fantastic, peaceful and serene grounds in Darley Dale.

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